Mukul loses Mamata’s confidence


Kolkata: “Mukul has revealed Abhishek’s Banerjee’s name to the CBI,” said CM Mamata Banerjee at a meeting of the core committee at her residence in Kalighat on Saturday. However, the CM also added that such a statement is doing the rounds in the public. She herself is not fully sure of such kind of a remark.

The popularity of Mukul Roy is slowly declining in the party. He has been ripped off from his responsibilities related to the Parliamentary Committee. Instead, Derek O’Brein, a close ally of Abhishek, has been appointed in the post by Mamata. The removal of Mukul Roy has raised quite a few questions in the political sphere of Bengal. Many feel that Mamata has sidelined Mukul Roy. Once, the second in rank in the party has now lost the confidence of the CM.

BJP’s Rahul Sinha feels that TMC has engaged itself in a conflict within it’s own boundaries. It is the sign of a party’s downfall. On the other hand, Congress leader Abdul Mannan opines that Mamata could have talked out the issue with Mukul Roy instead of relieving him of the duties.

Abhishek Banerjee has not yet directly been related to the Saradha scam. Such a remark,if Mukul Roy at all has made, is sure to serve as a blow to the new face of TMC. On the other hand, handing Derek O’Brein the responsibilities of the Parliamentary Committee has made the political calculations of Bengal a complete complex affair. At such a juncture, it is evident that Mamata has replanned the party’s structure for future.