Mukul has gone for a ‘political sannyas’: Rejjak Mollah


Kolkata: ‘Mukul Roy has gone for a political sannyas,’ claims former Land and Land Revenue Minister and the ex-CPM leader, Rejjak Mollah. Mollah made this statement hitting out at the former All India General Secretary of TMC, Mukul Roy. Rejjak has said that Mukul has no impression in the mainstream politics now.

The row between Mukul Roy and TMC is doing the rounds from quite some time now. Cashing on the issue, the ex-CPM leader took his dig at Roy. He has said that no one knows about the actual chemistry between Mukul Roy and Mamata Banerjee. But the fact is that being sidelined in the party Mukul spoke out in the open. Now what role Mukul will play in the upcoming municipal elections, remains a question to be answered. But the political milieu of West Bengal is sure to be stirred up by the ongoing verbal war between the parties. Mukul Roy however, has not made any statement or reply in connection to the scoop hurled by ‘Haji’ Mollah.