Mukul-CPM Leader’s Secret Meeting Create Violence In Nager Bazar


Kolkata: Nager bazar turns violent on Thursday night when some group of TMC supporters staged protest near Nagerbazar guest house where allegedly BJP leader Mukul Roy hold secret meeting with a CPM leader.

TMC supporters vandalized Mukul Roy and Shamik Bhattacharya’s car. Huge police force reached the spot to tackle the situation. BJP candidate from Dum Dum Samik Bhattacharya attacked in Nagerbazar. His vehicle completely vandalized. Bhattarcharya claims he was attacked by TMC cadres.

TMC claimed that he was campaigning beyond the 10 PM deadline. TMC workers were protesting after they found out that BJP leader Mukul Roy was holding a closed-door meeting with some CPI(M) leaders. Roy was holed up in the location, and police forced had to rush to the spot.

CPI(M) has denied the claims and said that Mukul Roy went for his wife’s birthday celebration and said he hadn’t gone for any meeting. Police forces evacuated Mukul Roy from the spot and several sections of CAPF were also deployed at the spot. Roy’s car was vandalised as well.