‘Mukul’ a victim of Modi-Mamata chemistry!


Kolkata: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee known for her arrogance, and recently in a collision course with Modi led BJP government, had a drastic turn and is on the path of developing a fine chemistry with the Modi led saffron brigade.

However, the chemistry between the duo is making rebel Trinamool MP Mukul Roy an irrelevant force in the politics of Bengal. The CM has postponed her Asansol tour on May 5 for five days to time her programme with the PM’s Asansol visit on May 10. Prior to this, Mamata’s party threw the lifeline to the Modi government in passing two crucial bills — Coal Mines Bill, Mines and Minerals Bill. Mamata’s party has also given in-principle support to the Modi government over the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

All these worked for mutual benefits. They helped Modi do what he wanted, and they also helped Mamata establish her sway in Bengal. In the process, Mamata gained by relegating BJP into the number three position in Bengal, with Mukul having no role in the victory.

Mukul is on the losing side. He lost his party post and position in Parliament. As of now, he doesn’t have the clout to drive a wedge within Trinamool and prepare for a new outfit. BJP mandarins have also come to know about it. Mukul is no more the party’s target, as party national secretary Sidharth Nath Singh in charge of West Bengal had once signalled by his ‘bhag-Mukul-bhag’ slogan.

Sensing this, Mukul has also stopped shooting off his mouth and has diligently followed the party’s whip in Parliament for the last few months.
To most BJP leaders, Mukul is an individual now, and far less important than Mamata.

Even his floating a new outfit with tacit support from BJP sounds remote as long as Mamata gives the crucial support the Modi government needs to push through its agenda. The third option for Mukul is to stay silent till he is bailed out in the CBI inquiry.