Muharram Celebrated With Arms Rally Despite Govt’s Objection


Kolkata: ‘No arms procession’. The Trinamool district president of Birbhum Anubrata Mondal has issued this order beside the Imams. But the instructions was not executed in a proper way. On the occasion of Muharram, there was a procession of arms in different areas of Bolpur, Dubarajpur. Even the children also took part in this rally and was seen holding arms.

Although, on Friday, land of of red soil remained calm. There was no news of any chaos reported. But despite the instruction by the government the procession with arms was conducted.

The state general secretary of Bengal Imam, Parishad Rayis-ud-din Purkayet said on Thursday that, “In the name of religion children should not be given arms. It is necessary to see that the children do not suffer from mental harm. We live in a society with co-existence. So, we have to take care so that our harmony is not hurt. We should have to give respect to others sentiments too.”

On this day, the procession of Muharram took place ignoring all the instructions given by the Imam and the state government in Dubarajpur and Islampur area wearing a turban and holding swords. In Bolpur also many took out procession with arms. In some processions children were also involved holding arms in their hand.

The question is being raised regarding the incident.Despite Anubrata’s request to the people of the district they ignored it.