Mufti Sayeed Welcomes Iran Nuclear Deal


Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mufti Sayeed on Wednesday lauded the nuclear deal between Iran and global powers after a long tug of war. He said that dialogue is the only way forward to resolve differences and strengthen global and regional security.

“We welcome the landmark deal which will open a new chapter in Tehran’s relations with the world. The deal has brought years of uncertainty to an end and marked a new beginning in relations between the country and the West. It is a positive development that would bring in greater stability in the region,” Mr Sayeed said in a statement.

The Chief Minister hailed the efforts of all those who contributed towards finding a reliable political and diplomatic solution to the conflict between Iran and Western nations on the nuclear standoff. “This once again shows that dialogue is the only way forward in resolving differences and strengthening global and regional security,” he said.

Describing dialogue as always being a win-win situation between principal stakeholders, Mr Sayeed said meaningful talks have the potential to overcome decades of tension in a short span of time.

The Chief Minister congratulated the West and Iran, particularly its people, who had to face the brunt of their country’s isolation at the international level, which was accentuated by years of hostility between Tehran and the Western powers, culminating in the imposition of a tough sanctions regime.