Muchipara Police Treats Mathew With Great Hospitality


Kolkata: Mathew Samuel, CEO of Narada, praised Kolkata police on their hospitality while he was in the city on Thursday. The cops of Muchipara police station provided him with good food apart from being interrogated for which he was in the city.

Matthew Samuel was summoned by the Muchipara police for interrogating him for being accused in an extortion case. Indians are known for their hospitality but Mathew, in spite of being accused, was treated with much generosity by the Muchipara police.

Mathew Samuel was summoned to appear before the Kolkata police. He arrived from Delhi at around 12:30 in the afternoon. The interrogation began which went on till 9 at night. Mathew was given to eat rice and fish for lunch and dahi wada in the evening.

There was no security while Mathew arrived in the police station but he was sent off with proper security as the police escorted him to the hotel at night.