Mt. Everest Climber Subhash Paul Dead, Sunita Hazra’s Condition Critical


Kathmandu:  An expedition organizer says an Indian climber who had fallen sick and was being helped down Mount Everest has died, becoming the third to die in recent days while attempting to scale the world’s tallest peak.

Wangchu Sherpa of the Trekking Camp Nepal agency in Kathmandu said Monday that Subhash Paul died overnight as he was being helped down the mountain by Sherpa guides.

Two other Indian members of Mr Paul’s team, Paresh Nath and Gautam Ghosh have been missing since Saturday. Another team member, an Indian woman, Sunita Hazra, who had fallen sick, was resting at a camp at a safer altitude. Her condition is critical and she is being brought to the base camp by using a helicopter. Rajeev Bhattacharya who died while descending from the Mt. Everest peak, after successfully reaching it, died due to snow-blindness. His body was discovered on Monday.

Trinamool Supremo Mamata Banerjee has given orders for the recovery of Rajeev Bhattacharya and Subhash Paul’s bodies. As per orders, 5 representatives from the state under the leadership of the president of the sports department, S.A Baba, would reach Nepal on Tuesday to bring back their bodies to Kolkata.

A Dutch man died Friday and an Australian woman died hours later after suffering from altitude sickness on Everest. Dozens of other climbers have developed frostbite or become sick near the summit in recent days.