Mt. Climber Subhas Pal’s Body Recovered


Update: Mt. Everest climber Subhas Pal’s body has been brought to Kathmandu from Luk La Airport.

Kathmandu: Mt. Everest climber Subhas Pal’s body was recovered on Sunday at the Everest.

Subhas Pal’s lifeless body was brought down to the base camp. Then the body was flown to Luk La Airport. But unfortunately, all flight services were disrupted due to heavy rainfall. Hence, his body will probably not reach Kathmandu today. According to sources, his body will be brought to Kolkata on Tuesday under the leadership of Sayyid Ahmed Baba. Sayyid Ahmed Baba is leading a 5-member team from Kolkata to ensure help provided in rescuing the Bengali climbers, dead or alive.

The other two climbers, Gautam Ghosh and Paresh Pal is still missing. According to a sherpaa from Nepal, rescue efforts were being interrupted due to worse climatic conditions.