MSD Brushes Off Retirement Speculations in Style


Mumbai: Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s quest for a second World T20 title was dashed after West Indies defeated India by seven wickets in the semi-final at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Thursday.

In the post-match press conference, Dhoni was confronted with a question that whether he would retire from international cricket following this loss to the West Indies.

Remarkably, Dhoni smiled and called the Cricket Australia reporter, Sam Ferris, over. He asked the reporter to come sit beside him and also stated that he wanted to have some fun. The reporter went over and Dhoni asked him,”You want me to retire?”. The reporter sheepishly replied, “No”.

Dhoni proceeded to ask, “I was hoping it would be an Indian media guy. I can’t really say whether you have a brother or son that can play for India as a wicketkeeper. Do you think I am unfit?” Ferris embarrassingly said ‘no’ again.

The Indian skipper asked, “Looking at me running (Unfit)?”. Ferris replied, “Very fast”. Dhoni proceeded to ask, “Do you think I can survive till the 2019 World Cup?” The reporter hesitated before saying, “Should, sure, yes”. Dhoni laughingly said, “You have answered the question.”

This answer from Dhoni in the post-match press conference has potentially laid to rest any speculations regarding Dhoni’s retirement.

Before the team’s departure to the Asia Cup in February, Dhoni was irked by a question from the media about his retirement plans. Before the team left for Dhaka, Dhoni responded by saying, “If I say something one month or 15 days back, the answer does not change. It’s irrespective of where I’m asking. The answer remains the same. It’s as simple as what is your name and I will say MS Dhoni. It will remain the same for a considerable period of time unless you give me a new format.”