Mp Students Makes Cool Summer Ride Ac Helmet


Bhopal: The students of mechanical engineering branch of the Indira Gandhi Engineering College in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar have made a unique helmet in their research lab that gives the rider cooling like that of an air conditioner at the mere switch of a button.

Final year students Amit Vishwakarma, Amit Sharma, Amit Anand, Ayush Jyotishi, and Narendra Shah have worked on this helmet for months, with the assistance of Professor Saluja.

A three-unit system comprising air generating, air circulating and air supply technique works inside the helmet and provides cooling when one switches on a tube connecting the helmet with the battery.

If that was not all, the helmet also comes equipped with an air pollution mask. The students said that it only cost them Rs 1,500 to make this helmet, and the market price would come around to Rs 1,200 if the company manufactures it.

Amit Vishwakarma told that the idea behind this innovation took inception during the helmet campaign by the police. Vishwakarma said that it was at the campaign that he recognised why riders did not wear a helmet despite owning one.

“When we talked to the people, they said their only problem is they feel uncomfortable with the heat that comes from wearing a helmet,” he said.