PM Modi inaugurates Chief Ministers and Chief Justices’ summit


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated the joint conference of the Chief Ministers and the Chief Justices of the High Courts at the national capital.

All the chief ministers of the 29 states and the chief justices of all the High courts have been invited to the conference. The welcome speech was give given by Union law and Justice Minister DV Sadananda Gowda which was also addressed by the Chief Justice of India, H L Dattu who also presided over the working sessions.

PM Modi, while addressing the conference said, “I’m well aware of this conference. Earlier, it was conducted at a smaller scale and there was no media. I used to sit among chief ministers and today I’m sitting here. When I was there, I used to speak my heart and held open dialogue and discussions. We are all same kind of individuals carrying out different responsibilities as per our potential and capabilities.”

Talking about the judicial system he said that the work performed by the people in the judicial system is divine saying that God has sent them to carry out the divine responsibility.

He said, “Yours is an extraordinary responsibility and people of nation have high expectations from you. HL Dattu ji was talking about quality manpower. We need to look at the manpower that is coming in this field in the coming years.”

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