MP home Min sparks controversy, says drinking liquor ‘fundamental right’


Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur who is known for courting controversies by his various remarks on Sunday said that consuming liquor is a status symbol and also a fundamental right.

He said, “Sharaab peene se apraadh nahi badhte, pee kar dagmagaane se apraadh badhte hain (Crimes don’t happen due to alcohol consumption, they happen when people lose control of themselves afterwards),”

He added, “One having liquor should be cautious while drinking. The person should drink it in such a way so that none around him can find out whether he is drunk or not. Consuming liquor is a status symbol. It is his fundamental right.”

Earlier, Gaur had described rape as a social crime, and sparked of controversies saying “sometimes it is right, sometimes it is wrong”.