MP Dibyendu Adhikari’s Explosive Comment Over Party Shift Of Laxman Seth


Haldia: As BJP’s heavyweight leader Laxman Seth shifted from BJP, MP of Tamluk Dibyendu Adhikary, brother of West Bengal Transportation Minister Suvendu Adhikary in an interview has clearly stated that nothing will take place which will affect Nandigram people. Being a part of government Suvendu Adhikary will also not support anything like this.

He said, “Being a supremo, Mamata Banerjee can take decision regarding who will be there in the party. As a MP I do not think he has the eligibility to join party. He is completely alienated from the people. He is not acceptable to the new generation. It would be better to talk less about him and his political career. Any party who will welcome him, will have to suffer.”

The heavyweight leader Laxman Seth recently expressed his urge to join TMC. If they do not take him, he will go for Congress. The recent status saying TMC or Congress who will accept him.

Laxman Seth left the Bharatiya Janata Party along with 10 thousand party members on September 16. The former MP accused the party of having no rules. He also said that there is no proper place to work. The party is always busy in trying to create religious turmoil. He also blamed the party of not standing by people and thinking of any developmental work.

Laxman Seth also said that differences in opinion among the new and old members of the party have led to problems being faced by the permanent members. Seth also said that, “We do not want to create problem between the Ram and Rahim. So we decided in a meeting and left the BJP party.”