Mozilla Firefox, Safari Browsers’ Security Breached: Report

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California: No piece of software is without its fair share of vulnerabilities in the world. Web browsers are the most common portal for cyber attacks, being used extensively by hackers for stealing financial credentials. While Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers, Firefox and Safari are also present on numerous systems around. And there’s a bad news for users of the latter — they have been detected with multiple vulnerabilities.

Both Firefox and Safari browsers have been detected with multiple vulnerabilities at a hacking competition. Richard Zhu managed to hack into Firefox with a Windows kernel Elevation of Privilege (EoP) at the Pwn2Own hacking event. The hack managed to snatch him a prize money of $50,000. Apple’s Safari was the next one on the list, hacked by Ret2 Systems Inc, who used a macOS kernel EoP to compromise the browser.

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It’s to be noted that while the browsers are ridden with several vulnerabilities and issues, none of them has been made public to people with malicious intentions. The hackers helped the companies to detect the unknown issues, which will allow them to rollout a patch in subsequent updates. If you are a Firefox or Safari user, then it’s advisable to keep a tab on the latest update notifications and install them once available for download.