Moyna Boils Over Demand Arrest Of Jawan


Tamluk: Commoners of Moyna protest against the alleged attack on a tracker driver by a jawan and demand arrest of the Jawan immediately.

According to sources, after the incident tracker drivers union stopped the tracker service on Sridharpur and petua route. Passengers were in trouble for that protest.

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According to sources, Tracker driver Milon barman was going towards Tamluk after taking passengers from Gangadharpur. At that time a army man Chandan Varman was riding along the bike. Chandan was in trouble due to the speed of the tracker.

Chandan Barman started quarrel with Tracker driver Milon Barman and after few minutes the clash turned deadly . Milon rescued from Chandan with the help of other tracker drivers.
The drivers stopped their vehicle and protested. As a result passengers get into trouble. The protesters complained that the accused Chandan Barman would have to be arrested. Road traffic blocked due to the protests. The Moyna police station comes to the scene.