Moving And Waving Sushi On Plate


Tokyo: The idea of fresh food being served at your table sure sounds tempting but can you have a moving and waving fish on your plate. In Japan, fresh food has a different meaning altogether.

A restaurant-goer in Japan discovered that his clam sushi or “hokkigai” was still moving when it was served. In a squirmish video posted by Twitter user “shoumizo3446”, a clam sitting on top of sushi rice was still wriggling when it reached the serving plate. The video taken at Sushiro, a popular conveyor belt Sushi chain in Japan, shows the writhing clam being poked by chopsticks as customers are heard having a laugh.

Captioned, “the tragedy of Sushiro,” the barely 30-second video went massively viral with nearly 6 million views and 49,000 retweets since being posted on February 11.

The diner, however, didn’t seem to mind the moving clam. In tweets, he revealed that he did eat the dish and that it was “very delicious”.

Though not all types of sushi come with ingredients that are alive, they could still be problematic. That seemed to be the case for one sushi lover in California who was shocked to find a 5-foot tapeworm hanging out of his rear. Doctors confirmed that the wiggling tapeworm could be because of the man’s liking for sashimi – a raw fish sushi.