Movie Review: Ghayal Once Again **1/2


What do you expect from a Sunny Deol flick? Lots of action, punches and some hard-hitting dialogues? But, his latest outing ‘Ghayal Once Again’ which was earlier titled ‘Ghayal Returns’ lacks in these core Sunny Deol speciality areas.

Although there is a lot of adrenaline pumped up shots and they do make us feel the thrill, we would certainly expect much more. Let’s take it step-by-step.

Sunny Deol plays Ajay Mehra in the film, who suffers from a medical disorder after going through a traumatic incident in his life. There enters the pretty Soha Ali Khan as a psychiatrist, who looks as delicate as a lily. Coming back to the plot, Ajay Mehra is a good Samaritan, turns into a citizen journalist and runs a news agency called ‘Satyakam’ after spending some time in jail. He believes in helping people in distress and those who are wronged by the system at some point in time.

We are even taken back to 1990s cult ‘Ghayal’, as clippings are smartly interjected into the script. We feel nostalgic while watching Sunny and Meenakshi Seshadri once again. Cut to 2016, where politicians and media moguls are seen hand-in-glove while committing a crime.

The supporting cast including veterans – Om Puri, Narendra Jha, Nadira Babbar and Tisca Chopra – do lit up the screen with their powerful acting punches. Narendra Jha plays this super influential business tycoon Raj Bansal, who has a huge empire but his unruly son, who is into drugs is brutal in his dealings. However, the father in him realises it too late, after the damage is done.

The plot introduces Ajay to these four brave kids who have a secret footage of a murder (that has been misrepresented as an accident). Twist? Well, yes, sort of. The four college friends (played by Shivam Patil, Aanchal Munjal, Diana Khan and Rishabh Arora) have done a job worthy of mention and do know their business well. How Ajay saves these kids’ lives as they are bearers of a video of a brutal killing, which needs an expose at any cost, is what ‘Ghayal Once Again’ is all about.

Sunny, who has directed the film has packed many fist fight sequences which the audience will love especially the one in the end where his ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ actually knocks the sound out of the criminal mind. Sunny has tried his best to reiterate the importance of ‘women safety’ and how we need to fight for it.

Thank God the maker in him felt the need to not put unwanted songs in the script as it would have been a complete let down. You can watch it for a weekend watch—after all Sunny Paji is back!