Move Over Greens, Goat Feeds On Nuts And Soft Drinks


Lucknow:  Badal does not have too long to live as he is going to be slaughtered on Eid, but in his last few hours, the goat has become a bit of a celebrity, thanks to his diet.

Bought at roughly the price of a small car, Badal is the talk of Kanpur’s Bainganganj market. People have flocked to the crowded neighbourhood to see the goat, drawn by his reputation for guzzling soft drinks.
When Surat clothes merchant Aaquib bought Badal, he weighed a whopping 140 kilos and was priced at Rs. 3,10,000.

Aaquib spends around Rs. 35,000 on the goat every month. Some of the animal’s favourite food includes apples, bananas, ghee, raisins, cashew, grams and wheat. But what he loves most is soft drinks.

People can’t get enough of Badal and often take selfies with him sipping a drink.

As his stardom spread, his owner received many offers for him but rejected them all. One man in Gujarat was ready to part with Rs. 21 lakh, but Aaquib was adamant that he would not sell Badal at any cost.

There is nothing paternal about his strong feelings. Aaquib plans to slaughter the goat himself on Eid, as it is the custom.

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