Move Over Gold And Diamonds, ‘Teeth’ Jewellery Is Here


Luxembourg: Carving out customized jewellery out of human teeth dates back to ages. Queen Victoria’s gold, enamel and tooth brooch were among the historically popular ones. In fact, she even had an entire collection of teeth jewellery.

Human Ivory is a project by Luxembourgian student and designer Lucie Majerus in which human teeth has been used to create beautiful ornaments, both for men and women. Majerus, on her website says, “Human Ivory proposes an egalitarian jewellery collection, where the body is being adorned by its own gem, polished from recognizable teeth into an abstract but familiar pearl shape.”

The trinkets don’t appear ghastly as it is not a piece of tooth straight out of the mouth. Lucie bleaches and then transforms them into smooth, glossy pearls. The idea dawned on her when she lost one of her wisdom tooth. “Why wouldn’t we value our own material instead of the precious material from other species?”, she said.

She requested dentists to supply her with unwanted teeth so she could put them to optimum utilization. She used them to make cufflinks, tie pins, ear rings, etc. When asked about the thought process, she said that Human Ivory is aimed to make one cherish one’s own material, rather of some other species. It etches a memory.


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