Move Freely: 3 New App-Cab Services In This Puja


Kolkata: Nothing new in the matter when complaints are rampant from customers against dominant players Ola and Uber for high surge pricing during peak hours, the new entrants- Tygr, Yatrik, OTL cabs- drawing strategies in this matter.

Three new app-cab service providers are banking on ‘surge-free’ pricing tagline.The first two had unveiled apps trying to tap yellow and white and blue some 30,000 metered taxis on city roads.Tygr, with 3,000-odd taxis under its fold, would launch its app tomorrow with the catch-line of ‘travel surge-free’.OTL Cabs, having some 2,000 luxury taxis, would start operation soon.The Yatrik app was launched with around 300 metered cabs in the city.

The problem of refusal by metered taxis would be solved when it would begin accepting requests on apps, according to transport department sources.

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