Mouth Watering Street Foods Of Kolkata


Kolkata is one of the best cities in India which offers you an array of tasty food on the streets. Not only are its very own phuchka, jhal-muri, telebhaja famous – Kolkata has incorporated various street foods of not only other Indian states but other countries as well. You will also come across the name Dacres Lane in Kolkata. Well, this is situated in the Esplanade-Dalhousie crossing and the World Health Organization has certified that the food available on this joint is among the best street food available anywhere. Tasty as well as cheap, here is a list of 10 lip-smacking street foods available in Kolkata which you must never miss:

  1. Phuchka1

This, you might not have missed, but the ones who have been careless enough to miss this – don’t do it again. Also known as ‘golgappa’, the taste of phuchka is different. It is offered with a stuffing of mashed potatoes mixed with spices and a dash of ‘tetul-jol’ (tamarind pulp water). Phuchka stalls are present almost at every nook and corner of a street in Kolkata, but the best are available at Vivekananda Park and Gariahat.

  1. Dahi Phuchka 2

This is a lot like phuchka but slightly different and not available everywhere. As the name suggests, it has a topping of curd mixed with spices which is delectable to the tongue. The best is available at Vivekananda Park! But during Durga Puja, it is prepared by many ‘phuchka-walas’.

  1. Jhal-Muri 3

It is made by mixing puffed rice with various ingredients and spices and served in a paper bag. Tangy and filling, it is a Kolkata favourite when it comes to traveling in trains or as an evening snack. The sellers often carry the ingredients and packets with them in different alleys to sell, or, make a permanent shop. This is available everywhere in Kolkata and you don’t need to investigate too much! Maybe it’s just outside your apartment.

  1. Shingara aka Samosa 4

This is a deep fried snack which is made out of flour and mixed vegetables used for the stuffing. Served hot, it has no competitor. You can have it with sauce or with nothing at all. Again, Shingara is available at every alley in Kolkata and does not have a specific outlet for the tastiest. But you can have from most shops and see which one fits your taste.

  1. Rolls5

Kolkata is the destination for rolls. Kathi rolls, egg rolls, chicken rolls, mutton rolls, egg-chicken rolls, egg-mutton rolls, double egg roll, paneer roll, vegetable roll, tikia roll – the list will never stop. This has traveled from being an essentially street food to becoming an important part of restaurants. They are made by wrapping up chicken, mutton or other ingredients inside the ‘lachha paratha’ which looks like a rolled up paratha. It is one thing you must never miss out once you’re in Kolkata. Best places are Arsalan, Bedouin Roll’s Hut and Nizam’s to name the least.

  1. Telebhaja6

These are deep-fried food items made like the traditional ‘pakodas’ but mostly with potatoes, brinjal, beetroot and various other vegetables. Under the generic name of telebhaja are many items named ‘aloor chop’, ‘beguni’, ‘vegetable chop’ and ‘mochar chop’. They can be eaten alone or with puffed rice. These are roadside stalls and therefore difficult to find the best, so it’s mainly based on the locality.

  1. Papdi Chaat7

This is served in a plate and made by using ‘papdi’ which is made out of flour and is a circular flat shaped crunchy ingredient and is served with other ingredients along with curd and coriander. You will get the best in the New Market area and Gariahat. But do try elsewhere because there are wonderful outlets which have their own magic recipe.

  1. Kachori8

This is mainly available in the mornings because many office goers have it as breakfast. It’s actually a form of ‘puri sabzi’ but the sabzi is replaces with ‘chola’ dal. You will also get ‘Chola Bhatura’ at these joints. A platter of Kachori will be easy on the pocket but extremely satisfying for the stomach as well as your taste-buds.

  1. Chowmein9

The Chinese food available at Kolkata is distinctively Kolkatan. It has been modified to a great extent catering to the needs of the people but you do get the original at many restaurants. But a plate of veg, non-veg, chicken, mutton and egg chowmein is available everywhere. It is a favourite with youngsters and office goers. Very cheap and quantitatively huge it serves as a great substitute for lunch. Available 24×7.

  1. Momo and Thukpa10

These are traditional Tibetan dishes but have been incorporated by Kolkata’s street food culture. You will get the best in the New Market area which come at very cheap rates. Steamed or with gravy, momo is a recent Kolkata favourite. It is a kind of dumpling, but originally did not have chicken or vegetables as the stuffing. That’s Kolkata’s input. Thukpa is a soup made out of noodles and chicken and is best if you want a light yet filling dish. Extremely tasty, these are the new additions to the street foods of Kolkata.

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