MoU On Water Management With EU, Approved


New Delhi: The government on Wednesday approved of signing a pact with European Union on water resources. It is an attempt to enhance Inida’s capabilities in water resource management.

The MoU envisages strengthening the technological, scientific and management capabilities of India and the European Union in the field of water management on the basis of equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit.It provides technical exchange on water issues, including on integrated water resource management plans within river basins and through study visits.

The agreement, cleared by the Union Cabinet on Wednesday, seeks to identify key environmental issues and approaches for sustainable development where exchange of experiences and cooperation could be mutually beneficial to strengthen and further develop cooperation between India and the EU in the field of water management.

“It envisions a more sustainable management of water resources in India with an objective of tackling the challenges posed by water management in the context of growing population, competing water demands and a changing climate,” a statement said.

 The EU states have adopted water pricing policies to provide adequate incentives for users to use water resources efficiently, thereby contributing to environmental objectives.