Motorcycle Diaries of a Pakistani Woman


All of twenty, Zenith Irfan from Lahore in Pakistan has set out on a solo bike ride across the Kashmir belt to explore an unusual terrain with an excursion. She is on a mission to fulfil her late father’s wish of travelling the world on a bike.

Just like Che Guevara of Latin America recorded his journey in a diary, Zenith too has made an account of the happenings during her journey in a blog named Zenith Irfan: 1 girl, 2 wheels. Her Facebook description of herself is quite unique too as she writes, “20 year old Capricorn, set on an epic journey on a Honda 125 motorcycle amongst the terrains of Pakistan with nothin but her free-hearted soul.”

In her Instagram pictures, she looks like this strong woman who is ready to take on the world and yet her descriptions of the pictures taken during her journey are emotionally-driven and filled with wisdom.

While Pakistani culture may be thought of as regressive for its women, the women from Pakistan are really crossing boundaries and breaking stereotypes just like Zenith has. This journey, for Zenith will demolish glass-ceilings and inspire other women to ride their dreams to the fullest.

Some of Zenith’s pictures from her courageous journey- moto

moto 2

Source: She the People TV