Mother Uses Her Own Child To Satisfy Her Carnal Desire


Purulia: Is always said that God cannot be with us always so he has sent a mother. A mother is everything in a child’s life and vis-à-vis. A mother-child relation is the best relation in the world, a mother is someone to shelter ,to guide and to love her child.

But what if a mother’s brutality harms her own  child? No one can ever imagine a mother could be so much cruel or selfish to harm her own child. But a spine-chilling incident in Purulia district of West Bengal has shaken the society and has raised a question at a woman’s motherhood.

শরীরের খিদে মেটাতে সন্তানকেও ব্যবহার করল এক নৃশংস নোংরা মা

Last Tuesday, a three-and-a-half year old girl was admitted to Purulia sub-division hospital. She was rushed to the hospital my her own mother after she complained of sudden illnes. The doctors at the hospital were shocked to see the child while treating her. Doctors were shocked to see some fresh scars and scratches in the child’s chest and some marks of bites, nail scratches. The child was bleeding from her ears and private parts. At a glance, the doctors understood that the child has been sexually abused.

Immediately the doctors informed the police and verbally complained of physical torture on the infant to the police. Though the child’s mother didn’t utter anything regarding the incident since last three days . After getting the report from the doctors, media looked into the matter and sent the report to the childline and juvenile board.

When the journalists questioned child’s mother she revealed everything. This brutal incident took place in Nadiara village of Purulia district in West Bengal. The child’s mother was abandoned by her husband , so she worked at Sanatan Thakur’s (65) house who was also a widower . Since last four months the woman was staying at Thakur’s house with her child, as Sanatan’s son and daughter-in-law lived separately. Sanatan was earlier employed as a homeguard but now he performs kirtan in that same village.

Then the woman went on to reveal about her physical relationship with Thakur , she also said that, they also made the infant sleep nude by their side, sometimes she intentionally left the infant alone with Sanatan Thakur who sexually abused the child.The woman later accepted that the child was raped by Sanatan Thakur on Tuesday. When she fail ill, she was taken to the hospital. She explained how her child was being tortured by Sanatan Thakur , by inserting small stick into the child’s private parts.

Several Journalists and representatives of the Juvenile Board and the Child Line went to house of the accused in Nadiara village for questioning. They were taken aback when they saw the pictures of nude females beside the pictures of several Gods and Goddesses . The villages informed that Sanatan Thakur and the child’s mother was no good . While police played the role of a silent spectator in this issue. Without any complaint they didn’t want to take action against this issue.

This incident has raised several question on state police , if they wanted they could have taken action on ‘Suo motu’ meaning ‘on its own motion’, which mean police can file a FIR on their own to look into this incident.

This incident also raise question at a woman’s motherhood and humanity. It is strange but true that a mother who is a creator of her child brought distress for her own child.How can be a mother so brutal ? Didn’t her inner soul cried for once before bringing such a plight for her own child?

Reported By: Manab Guha

Edited By: Mousumi Dash