Mother Takes Specially-Abled Daughter To School On Wheelchair Daily


Lucknow: In a striking example of special emphasis being given to girls’ education, a tribal woman, in a village of Uttar Pradesh, takes her specially-abled daughter, on a wheelchair, everyday to her school reports ANI.

Tanis Khairvar, a resident of the Maharajganj village in the Balrampur district, is a tribal woman, and her husband, Lallu Khairvar, earns livelihood through farming.

The couple has three daughters, youngest of which is twelve-year-old Phooleshwari. Phooleshwari is a specially-abled child. Good in studies, the twelve-year-old girl wants to become a teacher when she grows up.

To fulfill her daughter’s dream, Tanis is making every possible effort and has been pushing her daughter’s wheelchair to school for the last six years.

It is the Panchayat that has given the family a wheelchair and the villagers try helping the family as much as they can.