Mom and son killed at Harinavi, Hubby dead at Garfa


Sonarpur: A lady and her son was murdered at Sonarpur’s Harinavi area on Thursday. According to reports, the dead body of a lady along with her son was discovered by the other residents of the flat in the early hours of thursday. The reason of their death is still unknown. The lady is identified to be Poulami Karmakar, a resident of that area in Sonarpur. The worst part is that her son, Aritra was also found dead with her. Their throats were slit and murdered.

Adding a new twist to the tale, Shankar Karmakar, the husband of the dead woman was found missing since morning. Shockingly, the dead body of Shankar was found at Garfa later in the day. Police suspect that Shankar had committed suicide after killing his son and wife though the reason for such an act remained unknown. Police have already started investigating the case and the dead bodies had been sent for post mortem.

Shankar,as reported by the locals, was said to have two parallel families. One at Sonarpur, the other being at Garfa. The police of the homocide branch of Lalbazar have been to the place and has started their investigation.