Mother puts ad seeking ‘Groom’ for son

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Mumbai: In a first of its kind incident in India, Padma Iyer put on a matrimonial ad seeking a groom for her son on Tuesday. Yesterday, in a groundbreaking move, she placed a gay matrimonial advertisement for her son, which met with an outpouring of support on social media, with many calling the ad the first of its kind in the country.

Harrish Iyer is a well-known name in Mumbai’s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, with a flamboyance that often puts him in the spotlight, whether it is as an LGBT activist or as a director at the NGO, United Way of Mumbai.

“But this very flamboyance often intimidates other men, making it harder for Harrish to find a partner,” said one of his friends, on the condition of anonymity. With Harrish now 36 years old, and his mother, Padma also at the advanced age of 58, she is anxious that he find a partner.

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“I am getting old. I want my son to find a companion before I leave the world. A male companion,” she said. In the past, Padma had expressed a desire to start a matrimonial forum for gay men along with some like-minded people, but that plan never took off.

However, with her own son’s happiness in mind, Padma has taken it upon herself to find a suitable match for Harrish. On Tuesday, the gay matrimonial advert for Harrish was published, reading as follows: ‘Seeking, 25-40, well-placed, animal-loving, vegetarian groom for my son (36, 5’11), who works with an NGO.