Mother Holds Onto Her Dead New Born In Nadia

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Krishnanagar: A mother has been accused of holding onto her dead new-born baby for two days at Kaliganj in Nadia. This seems to be similar to the infamous Robinson street case.

The incident took place on Sunday at Kaliganj in Nadia when neighbours became suspicious after they started getting foul smell. The locals then informed the police who came and rescued the new-born’s dead body.

As per souces, the baby took birth on Saturday but there are no details yet as to when the baby died. The police have detained the dead baby’s mother Poly Sarkar. Poly Sarkar has said in the interrogation that she gave birth to the baby on Saturday and moments later the baby died. Since then, she had held onto the baby.

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The baby’s father Ashim Naskar is absconding since the incident. But the locals have accused Poly Sarkar and Ashim Naskar of murdering the baby. As per sources, both the parents used to work as labourers. The locals have said that they might have killed the new born as they already have 4 children. The police have started an investigation.

On June 10 2015, a similar incident happened in Kolkata’s Robinson street. Partha De has held onto his dead elder sister’s body for at least 6 months. Later on, when police reached his house to rescue his father’s body, they found his sister’s body.