Mother & Daughter Suicide in Berhampore


Berhampore: Domestic violence leads to suicide of mother and daughter in Murshidabad’s Khargram’s Kitipur Village Panchayat’s Simuliya Village on Monday, said police. Kalpana Bhuimali (36) and Mithu Bhuimali ( 16) committed suicide by hanging. Mithu was a class 9 student of Kitipur High School.

According to sources, Kalpana Bhuimala was having a fight with her husband since a long time. Tehe husband went out to work in the farm as a daily routine and returned home and found wife’s hanging dead body. He later found her daughter’s dead body hanging from the tree beside the house. Police assumes that the daughter saw her mother and committed suicide. Police has sent the dead bodies to Khargram Gramin Hospital.