Mortal Remains Of 38 Out Of 39 Indians Killed In Iraq Returns


Amritsar: A special aircraft carrying the bodies of 38 of 39 Indians, who went missing in Mosul in June 2014 and whom the government recently declared dead, is expected to land in Amritsar on Monday. Of the 39 who died, 27 are from Punjab, four from Himachal Pradesh, two from West Bengal and six from Bihar. One body is not being brought back for now as DNA testing had only provided a 70 per cent match; the others have had more than 95 per cent match.

Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh, who is bringing the bodies of the 38 Indians killed in Mosul, said the burden of some responsibilities were much more and tweeted a video with the hashtag “RestInPeaceMyFellowIndians”.

Families have demanded they should be allowed to open the coffins at the airport after the district administration advised them agains it. They have asked Amritsar Deputy Commissioner Kamaldeep Singh Sangha to allow them. However, the DC has refused permission citing time constraints. Sangha said they have alloted 4-7 minutes for departure per coffin from the airport. “Thus, families can not be allowed to open with the coffins there,” he said.