More Than 1500 Police On Roads To Curb Monday’s Strike


Kolkata: The police is ready to curb any problem that the common people might face
on Monday as a result of the strike.

The National Congress Party called for Bharat Bandh in protest to the poor economic
condition of the country. They have also invited all anti-Modi parties to
participate in it. The CPM and the state Pradesh Congress have supported the move.

The state secretariat has already sent instructions to Lalbazar to provide extra
police on Monday. The Kolkata Police will offer strict surveillance in the city on
Monday. Before the city comes to a standstill, the Kolkata Police have been asked
to maintain peace in ther city. Apart from the Kolkata Police, the state police
have also been asked to remain alert.

The Lalbazar police officials have held several meetings for arranging safety
measures on Monday in the city. A top official from Lalbazar said, “We have
arranged all measures for the sake of safety. We will immediately take action if
anyone tries to create and spread violence. OCs of every police station have been
asked to stay on alert. Strict vigil will begin in all sensitive areas from

The Kolkata Police is ready to tackle any unwanted or untoward incident. The
Lalbazar officials have already prepared a blue-print of how the security system
will function in the city.

Another official from Lalbazar said, “Arrangements for police-picketing have been
arranged at several places in the city. Police force will be deployed in every
place of the city starting from bus terminus to the different crossing points.”

The police will also keep a close watch so that the vehicles can smoothly run on
the roads safely. The Kolkata Traffic Police will see to it such that no traffic in
the city is disrupted.

The Kolkata Police will run patrolling in several parts of the city. The top
officials of Kolkata Police will be present in the control room and take immediate
steps if any complaint is received.

Reporting By: Soyeta Bhattacharya

Edited By: Saheli Dey