More Metros For Kolkata, Stations To Go Wi-fi


Kolkata: In a bid to control passenger rush, the Metro Railway authorities in Kolkata have decided to increase the number of metro trains from 258 to 300 along with increasing frequency of trains at the evening hour.

The authority also said that the free wi-fi services from Dumdum station to Tollyganj station will be also available from 15th June. The passengers also will get the mobile tower at train from Puja, said Kolkata metro authority.

There are 24 metro stations in Kolkata. According to the authorities, about 3 lakh passengers avail the Metro services on daily basis. The number of passengers travelling upto Dum Dum is about 40,000 per day.

“Presently, the trains running between Kavi Subhas and Noapara stations make 274 round trips. The time gap between two trains heading towards Noapara is 10 minute.