Monsoon: When Fashion pours in

Miss India 2015 Contestant- Nikita Bisht (Photo- Siddhartha Sarkar)

Siddhartha Sarkar, Kolkata:   Do not let the pitter-patter on your roof bring your style down. During the wet

Model & Actress- Nikita Bisht      Photo- Rahul Dutta & Montu Tomar
Model & Actress- Nikita Bisht
Photo- Rahul Dutta & Montu Tomar

season, we all tend to be more moody and cranky. Maybe, it is the downpour that dampens our moods along with our shoes. Straighten those wrinkles on your forehead, pick up a nice umbrella, and go dance in the rain with the trendiest outfit that would just might save you from drowning and having bad day. Here some important Do’s and Don’ts for Monsoon Fashion given below. And also read Miss India 2015 contestant Nikita Bisht’s fashion tips for this Wet Season.

Cotton or Denim shorts are ideal for this rainy season.

 Monsoon fashion do’s:

Wear shorts: As the season is wet with lots of puddles around, you should wear shorts. Your summer shorts can also be used in the monsoon season. Shorts till or above knee level are ideal for the monsoon look. You will not only stay comfortable in your shorts but also carry the chic look with ease and style!

Wear florals: Monsoon is a vibrant season. It is the season of bright and vibrant colours. The season of love and romance should not be carried with dull and boring colours. You can wear your bright floral prints even in this season.

Accessories: This is another important fashion tip for monsoon. Accessories such as hats, chunky neckpieces,  plastic rings, anklet and toe rings can add to the chic look. Sleeveless tops are great for the monsoon look. So, accessories can add a different appeal to the outfit.

According to Model-Actress Nikita Bisht, “Monsoon, the time to wear all those bright colours from your wardrobe which you often sideline. Avoid wearing light colours like white and beige because they become transparent. Instead, flaunt bright colours like red, green, blue, indigo, yellow and stand out of the crowd. Light fabrics like chiffon and silk are a big no in monsoons. Cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics are a good option to carry on in this season. Just make sure they are not see-through anyway. Carry bottoms which are shorter in length rather than full-legged denims. Shorts, skirts, three-fourth trousers serve as better alternatives to the wet borders. A full-length jeans, trousers or flairy skirts can leave you with damp ankles and legs. Short dresses, frocks, maxi dresses and knee-length gowns can be perfect for monsoon. Avoid light colours that get dirty often. Also, avoid excessive fitted dress that makes your movements stiff, uncomfortable. Prefer a knee-length dress of your favourite colour.”

Model- Nikita Dhamija Photographer: Sayantan Dutta
Model- Nikita Dhamija
Photo Courtesy : Sayantan Dutta

11696772_1117863271561353_982384280_nMonsoon fashion don’ts:

Avoid light colours: The rainy season can spoil your dress completely with mud. So, add up bright colours such as olive green, orange, yellow and red to your wardrobe. You can team up bright coloured tops or shirts with plain slim-fit pants. Avoid wearing light coloured outfits especially bottoms. Also, light colours become transparent after getting wet. So, to be on the safer side, wear dark or bright coloured clothes.

No flip-flops: Flip flops are a big no-no for monsoon. You can wear slippers but make sure they are not too big for your feet. This is to avoid getting unwanted mud stains on your leg or bottoms. Tie ups are to be avoided as they will get mud stains on your neat and clean clothes. No leather: Leather can spoil due to humidity. So, be it your footwear or an outfit, avoid leather products in the monsoon season.