Monsoon Is Set To Hit Kolkata between June 9 and 11


Kolkata: Monsoon is set to hit kolkata and others part of Bengal between June 9 and 11 , Kolkata could receive a moderate thunderstorm on Tuesday.

There is still no indication about the possible date of monsoon’s arrival in south Bengal and Kolkata. The Met office is closely watching an impending low-pressure area that is likely to form over the North Bay. Once that happens, there will be more clarity on the exact date of the arrival of monsoon.

The Met office said that this may not be the last thunderstorm before the monsoon arrives. If conditions turn favourable before the arrival of rains, there could be more.Last year, monsoon struck Kolkata on June 12.

Meanwhile, pre-monsoon showers will continue to keep the mercury under check. On Monday, locally formed thunder cells triggered showers in a few pockets while patches of cloud cover ensured a protection from the glaring sun.

A circulation over Bangladesh could trigger the storm, but the chances of a squall were ruled out. A low-pressure or a cyclonic circulation over Bay of Bengal usually precedes the monsoon in south Bengal. Loud clouds will trigger mild thunderstorms rather than squalls.

Monsoon currents have reached Tripura and parts of central Assam. The currents have reached Agartala and are set to advance towards north Bengal. The southwest monsoon had hit Kerala on May 29, three days ahead of schedule.

According to the Met office, the rains should hit Kolkata by June 10 under normal circumstances. Though there are no reasons to slow down the monsoon currents, weathermen are keeping their fingers crossed till the rains hit the Northeast and north Bengal over the next three days. Kolkata, however, could receive a thundershower on Thursday.

The mercury levels fell several notches on last week after heavy rains struck night. The maximum temperature fell below 30 degrees Celsius for the first time in the last two weeks after it was recorded at 35 degrees Celsius. At least eight people were killed and several others injured in separate incidents of lightning strike and a wall collapse on Friday.