Monetary Dispute With Sex Worker, Police Official Arrested


Kolkata: Beniapukur Police has arrested three people in connection with dispute of money and abusive behavior with a sex worker. After some heated argument, local police was called in and the accused were handed over to them.

The sex workers were brought from Sonagachi, a well-known red-light area. One person has claimed of being DSP of Gujrat police, has wanted to enter the hotel forcefully. Reportedly, a person has tried to enter Beckbagan hotel with sex worker.


যৌন কর্মীর সঙ্গে টাকা নিয়ে বিবাদ, গ্রেফতার পুলিশ কর্তা

After the dramatic chaos, hotel authority asked Beniapukur police for further help. Police reached the hotel and arrested the three. Now the police will issue an investigation on the statement made by the alleged DSP.
The accused claimed that he was a DSP in Gujarat police. The accused also warned them of dire consequences as has the means to contact the PMO and sack the jobs of police officers. Another person with him identified as businessman by profession.