Momo Spreading Wings In West Bengal Districts


Bureau report: The momo game challenge is slowly spreading its wings in the districts of West Bengal. It has already being reported from Bankura, Cooch Behar and Murshidabad.

A lawyer of the Bankura district court received the momo challenge message in his whatsapp. Dipak Pal, the lawyer, said, “The number from which I received the momo message is a BSNL number based in West Bengal.” He said that he was very much worried and scared after getting the message, He also accused that it was the result of linking of aadhaar to several sectors.

On the other hand, a student from Bankura received the momo message from an unknown
number. The student became scared. Panic-stricken Souryajit, the student, said, “I
am very much scared after receiving the momo message on Tuesday night. The Bankura
Sadar police station has been informed.” The police has confirmed the complaint and
said that it has been forwarded to the cyber crime cell. It is being investigated.

On the other hand, chaos has spread at Cooch Behar’s Toofanganj. Momo message was
received by 12 students almost at the same time. Maximum of them are from a computer training centre. They have blocked the number. Teaches of the institute also received the message. Case has been filed at Toofanganj police station.

The Murshidabad citizens are also worried after receiving messages from the momo
game. A person received the momo message and also received two calls related to it. He received a total of eight messages.

Leaflets are being distributed in every district to spread awareness on not falling prey to the momo challenge.