Haridevpur Resident Receives MOMO Message


Kolkata: Another MOMO horror incident sparks in Haridevpur. Subhajit Dalui who works in a private company received MOMO challenge via message.

Initially he thought that somebody is making prank with him. After he starts replying to the sender, he receives a message stating that if he plays the game 20 thousand dollar will be given to him. He has been indirectly threatened by giving few data on his location.

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DIG CID has received the momo challenge in his whatsapp number. But the police presumes that the message has been received from a fake number.

DIG CID Nishat Pervez said, “I have also received the momo message.” According to him this has been done by some one known. By this it is clear that the account from which the message has come, is fake.

Pervez also said that, “We are not saying that it is 100% fake. It is fake in some cases. Do not panic.”