Momo Horror: Bengal Boy Loses Memory, Hospitalised


Burdwan: A 20-year-old youth was rushed to the hospital as a result of playing the
momo game challenge.

Subhadip Barik, the youth, works at a fast food shop at Nagerbazar in Dum Dum. Due
to abnormal behaviour, he has been rushed to the Burdwan Medical College and
Hospital. He is a resident of Patuli area.

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Sanjit Pal, Subhadip’s uncle informed that Subhadip works at a chinese shop in Dum
Dum. He has been showing mental abnormalities and sickness for few days.

On Thursday Subhadip called Sanjit and asked for his mother. Since his mother was
not near, the communication could not take place. Sanjit felt some inconsistencies
while speaking to Subhadip. After this, he went to visit Subhadip at his shop on

Unfortunately, Subhadip could not recognise his uncle and on seeing him, started
screaming and saying that momo will kill him. After this, his uncle brought
Subhadip back and approached the Purbasthali police station and informed the entire

Following instructions by the police, he was rushed to the Burdwan Medical College
and Hospital and is being treated in the mental department.

Subhadip’s mobile has been submitted in the Purbasthali police station. The police
is investigating for any traces of the momo game behind Subhadip falling sick.