Momo Fear: Student Journalist Receives Momo Request On Facebook


Tamluk: Momo fear has already taken over the entire state. Yet WhatsApp was the only platform used for spreading such distorted invitation. Now Facebook also been foraged for spreading momo message. Wide range of people irrespective of their age have received horrifying message.

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Tuhin Subhra Aguyan, student of class 12 of East Midnapore claimed that he received a friend request at around 8:28 pm on September 9. He is a student of Madhyahingli high School. He filed a complain to CID via e-mail on the next day of the incident. His father lodged an official complaint on Tuesday. Police assured an investigation regarding the incident.

Tuhin informed that he received game playing request and received friend request after that. He received message via whatsapp 20 days ago which contains the viral picture of momo game.

Police and local source informed that, Tuhin Subhra Aguyan is a journalist in a news daily and writes for a news portal. So he use smartphone to a great extent. He is panicked after receiving such life claiming momo message for the first time.

Tuhin’s mother said that, “we have no clue why our son getting such message. We are panicked after the incident. We are looking for administrative help and probe in the incident.”