‘Mom’ Turns Hostile Against ‘Cop-Daughter’: Joy


Kolkata: Actor turned BJP leader Joy Banerjee now opened mouth against former IPS officer and once upon a time Didi’s ‘cop daughter’ Bharati Ghosh. Joy Banerjee lashes out Mamata govt and said that TMC’s many scandal hidden in Bharati’s pendrive.

BJP leader Joy Banerjee held a public meeting at Nadia’s Karimpur area. He asseerted that a popular line ‘ ‘Kaj Thakle Pase Bos, Kaj furalei Bharati Ghosh’ surfaced in an online media. And now ‘Mom’ turns hostile against ‘cop-daughter’.

Joy also said “CID did not run for Bharati’s property, they run for a pen drive. A pen drive which kept all TMC’s scam and scandal. Bharati is cop daughter of Mamata Banerjee so why mother did not stop her daughter then? Because they also involved in this scam.”

Joy’s statement reminds of a Bengali popular daily soap ‘Khokababu’ where all are furious to get pendrive which kept hidden dcouments. But this is not serial. This is a political issue but one thing common is that ‘Pendrive’. Joy’s statement reveals a new twist in Bharati Ghosh issue.