Moles Needed In Terror Groups Like ISIS, Says NIA


New Delhi: India’s top counter-terror agency should have the right to plant its officers in terror groups as “moles”, the Home Ministry has said in a new proposal.

The National Investigation Agency or NIA, created after the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, wants to be able to infiltrate groups like ISIS and terror organizations in Pakistan to collect information about potential attacks on India.

The Research and Analysis Wing or RAW collects intelligence or information abroad on security issues concerning India. The NIA says the country needs focused efforts on alerts about planned terror ops.

Enlarged powers for the NIA have been suggested in a note from the Home Ministry that has been shared with the cabinet for approval.  If it is greenlit, the proposal will be moved to parliament for discussion.

The note, seen by NDTV, also states that the NIA should have the right to investigate terror attacks against India in other countries- like the targeting of consulates and embassies.

The NIA also wants plea bargains to be introduced to turn death sentences to life in prison for convicts who are willing to turn informer and disclose crucial information in terror attacks.