Sanjoy wants to make his ‘Debut Derby’ special


Kolkata: It is time to re-write the records. It’s time revenge the loss of Kolkata League. It’s time to play out the skin. If one keeps a close ear in the Mohun Bagan camp, one is surely to hear such slogans and pep ups. The green and maroons are one of the strongest teams on pen and paper. To live up to the expectation and salvage some sort of pride, the players are all set to go uot for ann all out campaign against the arch rivals East Bengal.

“East Bengal is one of the best teams in I League but if we play to our potentials, we can win,” said the Mohun Bagan Coach, Sanjoy Sen. After defeating Karim’s Pune FC, the team has got ample time to recover. Sanjoy feels the gap is in a way good and on the other hand it has kept the players away from any competitive match for quite some time. Sanjoy Sen has also regarder East Bengal’s striking force to be the best in the country. But the southpaw also said that proper strategy and planning could steer his side to victory.

The club beside Ganges was seen practicing set pieces, crosses and free kicks.The probable eleven could be Debjit at the goal. Dhanachandra, Bello Rasaq, Kingshuk and Pritam in the defense. The reigns of the mid field would be controlled by Katsumi,Denson,Vikramjit and Sony Norde. Balwant and Sabeeth will play as forwards. Pierre Boya is fit and likelt to come as a substitute.

However Sanjoy added that the absence of Shilton, Souvik and Jeje will be felt by the team. But he will ground the best and fit 11 in hand.