Mohun Bagan Captain Shilton Paul Hospitalized

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Kolkata: Mohun Bagan is set to face Mohammedan S.C. in mini derby match. Mohun Bagan was already won the CFL by defeating Calcutta Customs 2-0 in their 10th match at the Mohun Bagan ground.

But Mohun Bagan faced a huge problem when their captain critically injured at practice match and hospitalized. After completing warm up, when Shilton tried to do back-volley then he got injured. His CT scan was supposed to be in the afternoon.

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From Saturday, Mohun Bagan started preparations for their upcoming games. Footbvaller palyed Foot- Volleyball to relax their strength.

In the game, the captain Shilton Paul tried to do back-volley and got injured. Shilton got serious injuries on his head. The goalkeeper started to vomit. Then he was taken to the hospital. There is nothing to be feared, doctors said.