Mohammed Shami’s Wife Accuses Him Of Cheating

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Kolkata: Wife of Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has alleged through social media that her husband is engaged in extramarital affairs with several women across the country.

Hasin Jahan, the wife of Indian pacer Mohammed Shami, has shared the screenshots of his chats with other women and has posted pictures of Mohammed Shami with many other women claiming they were his girlfriends. She said that she has got many other evidences to prove that Shami is at fault.

“Whatever I have posted is just the tip of the iceberg. Shami’s acts are far more heinous. He has relationships with multiple women,” Jahan told.

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Jahan alleges that the phone was gifted to him by Delhi Daredevils in 2014. She reportedly found the phone, along with male contraceptives, in Shami’s BMW car. She tried a few different combination to open the lock and got access to the alleged chats when one pattern matched.

Hasin is planning to take legal actions against the cricketer. She alleged Shami and his family members used to torture her mentally as well as physically. According to Hasin, after coming back from South Africa Shami harassed her.

Jahan revealed that she came back to Kolkata on January 8 has informed verbally to the Jadavpur police about the situation.

Shami is currently playing Deodhar Trophy as a member of India A squad. He has always fought the trolls when they slammed the way she dressed. This is why revelation by Hasin Jahan come across as shocking. Shami hasn’t responded to the allegations. Shami had married Hasin Jahan from Kolkata in 2014 and they also have a daughter together. Hasin has been a model in past.

Shami has denied the allegations made against him through a tweet. He has said that all the allegations made against him are baseless and are made to hamper his game.