Mohammad Recites Namaz Amidst Bagri Fire Chaos


Kolkata: When the entire community was busy in trying to douse the Bagri market
flames, a man was seen praying Namaz amidst the chaos. With eyes closed, Mohammad
Salman was praying to God.

Not only was he praying but Mohammad Salman was helping the fire servicemen too. A
namaz is recited at the time of Zohar in the afternoon. At that time, Mohammad
Salman recited the morning Namaz or Fajar Namaz.

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He kept on saying “Allah is great, he is everything. There is nothing one can do
than call Allah’s name. Keep faith in him, call his name only”

But why was he reciting the Fajar Namaz at the time of Zohar Namaz? After 2
minutes, the 35-year-old Salman opened his eyes and answered. He said, “I saw
everything getting damaged in front of my eyes. The morning Azan is very powerful.
It is the most pure out of all. So I prayed if Allah could bring rains then the
fire could be doused fast.”

Salman also said, “My friends have shops there. I stay here for the last 35 years,
I know everyone. I was praying for everyone.”

Some acquaintances were standing beside him. He called them and went to help the
fire servicemen. Before leaving he said, “Only prayers will not help, we will have
to work too.”

Reported By: Souptik Banerjee

Edited By: Saheli Dey