Modi’s tweet informed Nepal PM of earthquake


New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi informed reporters on Wednesday that Nepal’s Prime Minister Sushil Koirala called him to say that his tweet was his first source of information on the earthquake. Koirala was away on an official visit to Thailand when he learnt about the calamity from Modi’s tweet.

“I get information because I remain connected,” Modi said at a training programme for journalists preparing for parliamentary processes.

“During my chief minister days, one night at around 3:15am, I received a call from a person who I had lunch with many years ago. He had kept my number and called me to inform about a loud explosion-like noise at that hour. He said it could have been a train accident since the tracks were just a km from his home. By morning, the injured were in the hospital for medical treatment and the casualties were also taken care of. I visited the spot in the morning and everything was in order,” he recollected.

“Lalu then said ‘Modi had pelted ice bricks at him. The ice melted away and there was no proof left of the attack on him’,” the PM said, laughing.

The programme was organized by the Bureau of Parliamentary Studies under the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

“Journalists should work in the interest of the country and not for the government. Media should measure the value of news with a weighing scale. The day journalists decide to work in the nation’s interest, all our problems will be resolved,” Modi said.

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