Modi’s New Commander To Take Dilip’s Position In Bengal

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Soumik Karmakar, Kolkata: Before the Panchayat poll, BJP has already started a underground process of transferring organizational responsibility of West Bengal. And as the first step, the state BJP is on their way to re-elect their president.

At least it is known from a BJP source of New Delhi. At any given time, Dilip Ghosh will be removed from BJP’s responsibility. Someone else will come instead of him.

দিলীপকে সরিয়ে বঙ্গ-ব্রিগেডের দায়িত্বে আসছেন মোদীর নয়া সেনাপতি

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But who will be next state BJP president? Responding to this question, the central leadership of the party has kept their mouth mum. On the other hand, state BJP’s senior leadership made a face of no comment. Yet, the news has arise diverse opinion in state BJP. A sound of whispering has started that will Dilip Ghosh be dismissed before his time. Is Someone coming in place of Dilip or is it a rumour ? If yes then who will come in place of Dilip.

BJP sources said that several people are still ahead in the race. Former MLA of Basirhat, Shamik Bhattacharya, the female leader of the party Debashree Chowdhury are leading the list. Though both have denied the whole thing. According to Shamik Bhattacharya, “Modifying someone before election is not the tradition of our party.” Beside that, he has clarified that no one is coming in place of Dilip Ghosh at this moment. Debasree Chowdhury, on the other hand, said, “Dilipada is the president. Dilipada will be the president.”

So the question highlighting that is it a empty speculation or some basis is there behind such information. BJP sources of New Delhi are saying some other things. From that source, it has got clear that change will be brought to the party organization before the Panchayat poll. The probable first step could be a change in the position of state BJP president. Because, according to the structure of the BJP, state president has the discretion to arrange the party structure of the state. So, if the state president of the party changes, the weak areas of the organization will be filled up quickly.

According to the BJP source, the person has been chosen is close to saffron brigade who is in politics since long time. Worked with ‘RSS workers organization’ also has important responsibilities in the Indian Mazdoor Sangha. Over the years, he has been engaging himself with state politics. He is also handling some organizational responsibilities in the BJP. There are also several people in charge.

BJP sources said that the leader was born in this state. His roots are here But he was out of Bengal for a long time in the program. As a BJP leader, he also held organizational responsibilities in many states of northern India. The BJP’s success in the last few elections has a specific method. This is the success that has been achieved. And he knows a lot about the application of these methods. So, the central leadership of the BJP, interested in giving him the responsibility, will be the central leadership. New Delhi leaders want this method to be implemented in Bengal too.

But who is the leader, it is still not clear that BJP leaders in Delhi As a result, there is no faith in politics. As a result, will this change? The answer to that question is now hidden in the womb of time. There is no other way than waiting.

Edited By: Susmita Das.