Modi’s Bharat Mala to link Gujarat with Mizoram


New Delhi: After Vajpayee’s famed ‘Golden Quadrangle’, Narendra Modi is to launch an ambitious project to link Gujarat to Mizoram. The project is named ‘Bharat Mala’ as per the reports.

The plan is to build a road along India’s vast west to east land border, from Gujarat to Mizoram, at a cost of around Rs 14,000 crore, and linking that to a road network in coastal states, from Maharashtra to Bengal. This is a road network that will, as it were, garland the territory of India.

“Our idea is to plan for a structured programme for building roads along our borders, especially the northern borders. And yes, we are calling it Bharat Mala,” Union Roads Secretary Vijay Chhibber told.

Officials said the government will have to construct some 5,300 km of new roads at an estimated cost of about Rs 12,000-14,000 crore for covering India’s entire west-to-east land border.

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