‘Modi’s 56 Inch Chest Only For Muslims’


New Delhi:  Firebrand AIMIM boss Asaduddin Owaisi accused the BJP and Prime Minister of supporting Hindu fringe groups in protests against Padmavat. Controversial film hit the theatres on Thursday amidst protest and violence. While many politicians condemned violence, there were some like Union Minister VK Singh and Congress leader who questioned Sanjay Leela Bhansali for making a film by distorting history and hurting sentiments of people.

Owaisi took pot shots at PM Narendra Modi as state governments were seen helpless in preventing Karni Sena goondaism. “Fringe have become the MAIN player as they have the tacit support of BJP government. This is nothing but ‘pakoda’ politics practiced by BJP. Prime Minister & his party have meekly surrendered before these people who are protesting. He has 56 inch chest only for Muslims,” tweeted Owaisi.

While Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP for allowing violence by fringe elements, Congress leader Digvijay Singh questioned Bhansali. “Films which hurt sentiments of any religion or caste should not be made,” said Digvijay Singh. However, party colleague Manish Tewari contradicted him and attacked BJP instead. ” Vandalism to STOP release of Padmavat is despicable reprehensible & utterly nauseating. Ques-Why is it happening  primarily in BJP ruled states after even SC has green lighted the film?Is something beyond Padmavat at play?Why is I&B Min not standing up to enforce CBFC clearance?,” tweeted Tiwari.

Union minister V K Singh on the other hand towed the Karni Sena line. “Whenever we say something about history we must cross check it. Freedom of expression doesn’t give us any right to tamper with history. We should pacify and resolve the situation by talking to the people who are protesting against the film. They should be asked about their concerns and objections in the film. Whenever there is a clash of interest, things will certainly be messed up,” minister said.

Vocal BJP leader Subramanian Swamy too chipped in and used the controversy to attack Rahul Gandhi. “It opens old wounds, and that is why such films should not be made. what is the historical value of it? Zero. They say it has nothing to do with history, then why are you making it? Also, why is Rahul Gandhi not taking a stand on it?,” Swamy said.